Saturday, August 17, 2019
Happening Now

Putnam Employees Facing Possible Insurance Increase

The cost of medical insurance could be going up for Putnam County employees.

The Fiscal Review Committee recommended on Monday the approval of a motion to accept a 5.93-percent increase.

County Mayor Randy Porter said he actually expected a larger increase from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“Our claims for this past year, compared to the year before, were over $1 million more. My expectation was probably anywhere from a 10 to 15-percent increase,” Porter said. “We started at about 12, we worked down to 8, and their final number came back at 5.93, which I think is tremendous. It’s amazing that it’s that low.”

The increase will be passed on to the employees or covered by the county. Porter said the county commission will need to make that decision next week.

“I would ask that you entertain the thought of paying the employee share. One of the reasons that we are able to still attract new employees is our benefits,” Porter said. “We may not have the highest salaries and starting pay, but the benefits help us balance the scales for folks that are looking at us.”

The difference between paying the full number and not paying the employee share is $52,222. If not covered by the county, the average family plan would increase by $22 a month.

Porter said he can’t remember the last time that employees had to take on the increase.

“Since I’ve been in office, I’m not for sure that we’ve had one,” Porter said. “The first year there was not and the next year we had an increase, but the county picked up that increase. Last year, we reworked some of the deductibles to allow there to not be an increase.”

The county commission will make a decision on the matter when it meets on Monday.