Thursday, February 27, 2020
Happening Now

Putnam County To Consider Drug-Free Workplace Resolution

The Putnam County Commission will consider a resolution next week to establish the county as a drug-free workplace.

Putnam County Attorney Jeff Jones said the county already meets most of the drug-free workplace requirements.

“The reason that we didn’t do it before is because the training requirements were pretty stringent. Secondly, one of the advantages of being a certified drug-free workplace is you get a break on your workers comp insurance by about 5-percent on your premiums,” Jones said. “Of course, we’re a self-insurer so there wasn’t an advantage for us to do it.”

The County Commission will be asked to consider the resolution after lawmakers amended the Drug-Free Workplace Act last year. Jones said the amendments simplified the training requirements for certification.

“We only have to do it one time. We can do it at orientation or we can get the employees together and do it at one time,” Jones said. “We’re not as worried about the breaks on the workers comp insurance, but what this will do is shift the burden of proof to the employee if they are under the influence of an intoxicant or a narcotic.”

The Putnam County Planning Committee recommended approval of the resolution during Monday night’s meeting. The full county commission will consider the resolution Monday, September 16.