Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Happening Now

Public Works Trying To Fix Long-Time Flooding Issue On 4th

Cookeville Public Works working this week to replace 100 feet of storm drain at the intersection of Fourth Street and Washington Avenue to eliminate flooding issues.

Public Works Director Mary Beth Elrod said for years, when heavy rain occurs, a 30-inch diameter pipe clogs. The new drainpipe will be 60 inches wide and 38 inches tall. She said the much larger pipe will accommodate more water running beneath Washington Avenue.

“A lot of the time, the flooding is due to a blockage in this area and we have to send crews out to clean out the areas of debris,” Elrod said. “We’ve pulled wood out of the area of trees, tree limbs, storms. So, it’s not just seasonal flooding.”

Elrod said property owners have helped the city acquire an easement adjacent to its Washington Avenue right-of-way and get the project done. Elrod said over the years, property owners in the area have had their homes flooded and damaged.

She said as more development moves into Cookeville, the aging system may be susceptible to this same issue in other areas.