Monday, June 17, 2024
Happening Now

Progress Made On Roads, But Crews Prepare For More Accumulation

While a peeking sun and a slight increase in temperature helped clear roads, crews are preparing for another evening of service Wednesday with a third round of winter weather on the way.

Putnam County Road Supervisor Randy Jones said state and primary roads are in good shape for now, but secondary roads are still icy.

“We still got some of the rural areas that the roads are not traveled very much,” Jones said. “That still have ice on them. That is basically where the trees have grown over the roads and no light hardly gets into them.”

Jones said the department has ordered more salt with about half of its supply being used this week. Jones said there is still plenty of salt left to handle the expected snow and ice.

The majority of Jackson County state highways are clear, but most of the county roads are still covered in ice. Highway Superintendent Preacher Anderson said the slick conditions are wide spread in the county.

Road crews have worked constantly the past two day, but Anderson said workers finally received a break Tuesday night. Anderson said now, the highway department is preparing its snow plows and graders for more accumulation Wednesday.

Anderson said he continues to ask all drivers to remain indoors unless absolutely necessary.

Overton County road crews have cleared the majority of fallen trees, but most secondary roads are still iced over. According to Highway Superintendent James Norrod, roads crews are focusing on back roads Wednesday. Norrod said the state and primary roads are in fair condition.

Norrod said emergency personnel are meeting Wednesday evening to discuss strategies for the anticipated weather. Norrod said more shipments of salt on on the way to help keep primary roads clear.

Clay County Highway Superintendent Jason Browning said his crews have made some progress, but snow plows are having trouble clearing roads. Browning said the ice is so thick on some secondary roads that the plow scraps over the ice. However, state and primary roads are passable.