Sunday, May 24, 2020
Happening Now

Pre-Construction Meeting Set For Monterey Flooding Project

A pre-construction conference takes place Thursday for a project to address Monterey’s flooding problem.

Mayor Bill Wiggins said the city will pay Elk Mountain Construction $124,403 to conduct the work.

“We’re going to start at the police department boundary with the neighboring property,” Wiggins said. “We’ll go towards the rail trail, under it, and into an existing ditch with about a 5 foot culvert.”

Thursday’s meeting will determine the exact start date for the project and other details. Wiggins said the city will proceed without construction easements from the adjacent property owner.

“The town of Monterey was seeking construction easements from the adjacent property owner,” Wiggins said. “At this date, we have been unsuccessful in getting those people together with the engineer to get the ink on that document.”

Wiggins said he’s hopeful that the work will address at least part of the flooding issues.

“The part that Monterey owns, in terms of the flow of water through there, it will depend on the condition of the culvert that doesn’t belong to Monterey from Commercial Avenue to the Police Department boundary,” Wiggins said.

Monterey Aldermen awarded the project bid during their December meeting. The work represents the first of several phases to address the flooding problem that has affected roads, businesses, and homes for several years.