Thursday, March 23, 2023
Happening Now

Pickett Property Assessor Finishing Out Reappraisals

Pickett County finishing out the last few weeks of its latest reappraisal year.

Property Assessor Kim Logan said the process is set to close out in April.

“Pickett Count properties have gotten higher definitely,” Logan siad. “But higher values during appraisal does not necessarily mean higher tax rates. Tennessee law requires the state to work with your property assessor and the county mayor to adjust your property tax rates.”

Logan said Pickett County conducts reappraisals every five years. She said in the increase in property values indicates that Pickett County has seen a lot of growth over the past five years.

Logan said the reappraisal process is required countywide on a periodic process to maintain appraisals and market value. She said it is also to ensure equity in appraisals throughout the jurisdiction.