Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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PCSS Continues Working To Find Solutions For Upperman Baseball Field

Putnam County School System will likely not find a fix for Upperman High School’s baseball fields before the start of this season.

Communications Director Hannah Davis said the project has not made large strides after grading work was done after last season.

“That is the last that’s been done, but of course conversations internally continue to happen but nothing has been solidified or presented at this time,” Davis said. “Right now they are just getting their ball season ready, and continue thinking about ways they can better improve their field.”

Davis said because the season is close to starting, the drainage issues will not be 100 fixed before the fields are played on. She said school leaders have been biding their time with the project to find to try and find the best and more long-lasting solution possible.

Last year, the school board previously rejected a $330,000 bid to explore more economical routes to fix the drainage issues. The scope of the project was changed last year to focus more on top dressing and seeding different types of grass.