Monday, April 22, 2024
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Overton Searching For Grant Funding To Aid In Archival Work

Overton County is looking to use up to $15,000 in grants and American Rescue Plan funding for county archival work.

County Executive Ben Danner said that the money is important funding in preserving the history of Overton County.

“So we’ve got records,” Danner said. “We’ve got Andrew Jackson’s signature on things, we’ve got a whole lot of signatures of famous people on deeds, and different things so we want to save that. Because a lot of people research that and with our archives. It’s a lot more user-friendly now than it’s ever been.”

Danner said the funding would split in three ways. American Rescue Plan funding would cover up to $5,000 for a computer, printer, and scanner. He said another $5,000 with up to a 50 percent match through a state library grant covers the cost for safer document storage.

Danner said the final $5,000, no-match grant through State Board Programming would cover digital accessories.