Friday, May 24, 2024
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Overton Schools Urging Parents To Register Students Sooner Than Later

Overton County Schools urging parents to register their students for school early via their online portal.

Director of Schools Donnie Holman said it is crucial to get all students registered now. He said that will affect the amount of funding the system gets through the new student-based TISA funding model.”

“We can’t be reluctant or late about putting data in,” Holman said. “Everything has to be done very timely now in order for us to get the amount of money we’re supposed to get for our school system.”

Holman said this is the second year they will utilize an online system. He said they were very pleased with it last year, but hope to see more success this year.

Holman said they already have more than 1,800 students registered county-wide. He said Attendance Supervisor Kristy Miller and Technology Supervisor Brent Thrasher have developed a checklist of things parents need to do before next school year, with number one being to register their student.

“Our process is quite simple, parents just need to go to, and once they’re on the website they’ll click registration and when they click registration we have directions on there as well as a link to our Skyward and a video that can walk parents through how to do all of that,” Miller said. “When they click on their Skyward link they’ll need a username and password which have already been sent home but if for some reason you don’t know you can contact the office and we’ll get that information for you.”

Miller said once you make it to that point, you will select your child’s name in the Family Access portal and walk through the registration steps. If for some reason you do not feel comfortable registering online, Holman said you can contact your school and set up an appointment to do so in-person.