Sunday, January 24, 2021
Happening Now

Overton County Schools Start Director Search Process

The Overton County Board of Education will begin the process of finding a permanent director of schools.

That after previous director Dr. Mark Winningham was removed from his position Tuesday. Chairman Jarman Hicks said the process will begin with opening applications.

“Usually, what Overton County Schools does is take applications and conduct a director search,” Hicks said. “Then, go through the list of qualified applicants and narrow those down to a few for interviews, and then, ultimately it is voted on by the majority of the board.”

The school system has set its deadline for the end of June 2021. Hicks said if not accomplished, the process of appointing another interim director will restart.

The interim director position was filled by Rickman Elementary Principal Donnie Holman. Hicks said it may be difficult to find a candidate in that time frame, but thinks the board will have enough time.