Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Happening Now

Overton Commission Working On New Bathrooms At Fairgrounds

The Overton County Commission gathering project specs to add 12 additional bathrooms to the county fairgrounds.

Commission Chair Darwin Clark said the request came from the fair board and was recently approved by the county commission.

“If you’ve been out to the fair, you can see where we continue to grow and have more and more people coming,” Clark said. “We are thankful that they are, but our accommodations have to be improved too. If you have ever been trying to get to the bathroom by the arena, you have to stand in line.”

Clark said the project would add six bathrooms for men and women that will be ADA compliant. Clark said about $75,000 of federal COVID money has been earmarked for the work.

“We’re going to put plenty of drains and have a storage place in the middle for the fair,” Clark said. “We’re hoping that will alleviate some of the wait times. We’re going to try and fix it to where you can just clean it down with a hose at the end of the night.”

Clark said once plans are prepared, the project will go out for bid. Clark said the project was introduced during the previous administration, so time will have to be spent to bring newly-elected officials up to speed.