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Overton Adds Ambulance Driver To County Staff

The Overton County Commission approved the addition of a new ambulance driver position to the county staff Monday night. Commissioner and Ambulance Service Director Shane Walker said the driver would only be permitted to assist other medical staff and drive the ambulance. Walker said the plan was approved by the state as a solution to the staffing issue affecting EMS ... Read More »

Overton Joins Price Fixing Lawsuit Against Pharmaceuticals

Overton County will join in a larger lawsuit against a series of pharmaceutical companies regarding allegations of price fixing. Attorney Crystal Jessee said the opioid lawsuit that the county is still involved in has revealed a processes that pharmaceutical companies are using to price fix different kinds of drugs, including insulin. “If you pay for your own insurance, such as ... Read More »

Overton Commission Applies For $750K Housing Grant

The Overton County Commission approved an application Monday night for a $750,000 housing development grant to assist homeowners in the county. Consultant Amanda Mainord said that the county applied for the grant last year but did not receive it. Mainord said the grant would require no matching payment from the county. “It goes to help homeowner-occupied low-income, disabled, elderly, families ... Read More »

Overton Commissioners Leave Public Liquor Vote Tabled

Overton County Commissioners would not agree to discuss a November Liquor-By-The-Drink referendum Monday night, leaving the issue undecided. Commissioners Patrick McCurdy and Jesse Bowman voted to bring the issue back to the agenda for discussion and a vote. The rest of the commissioners voted against it. Chairman Darwin Clark said it would take take a motion and a vote from ... Read More »

Overton Commissioners Approve $1.3 Million Lawsuit Settlement

The Overton County Commission agreed Monday night to a $1.3 million settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit. Jonathan Mark Hargis died while in the custody of the Overton Sheriff’s Department in 2021. County Executive Steven Barlow said the settlement would be the best way to protect the ten county employees impacted by the lawsuit. “We feel that if we go ... Read More »

This Week: Overton Commissioners Consider Lawsuit Settlement

This week the Overton County Commission will consider a settlement counter offer for a lawsuit against the county. The Hargis Vs. Overton County lawsuit came after a man passed away in the custody of the Overton County Sheriff’s Department and the cause of death was determined to be asphyxiation. The commission will also consider a resolution that would allow a ... Read More »

Overton Commission Will Consider Liquor Referendum In January

A tax auditor trying to find additional revenue for Overton County suggested a liquor-by-the-drink referendum. Overton County Commissioners voted to table the idea for a November, 2024 referendum on the issue. The city of Livingston already has liquor-by-the-drink. The commission will return to the issue at their January meeting. County Executive Steven Barlow said the referendum is a way for ... Read More »

Overton Executive & Livingston Mayor Want Special Recount To Boost Numbers

Overton County Executive Steven Barlow and Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes want to team up on a special census for Overton County. Barlow said if the census pushes the county into the next population tier it could bring in up to $98,000 in additional funds. The County Commission voted on Tuesday to allow Barlow and Hayes to work together to explore ... Read More »

Overton Executive Says Mileage Should Not Be An Issue, Wasting County’s Time

Overton County Executive Steven Barlow said his mileage reimbursement should not be an issue, and the controversy surrounding it is getting in the way of county business. The County’s Policy Committee and the Budget Committee have already passed his request for $4,500 in an annual reimbursement. But the County Commission voted 8-5 Monday night to table paying Barlow’s mileage until ... Read More »

This Week: Dronebarger’s Contract Renewal, New Fire Truck On Agenda

This week the White County Board of Education will consider a renewal of Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger’s employment contract. The board agreed to review his contract several months ahead of schedule to avoid a potential change in leadership right before the start of a new budget year. The new contract proposal is online at the school board’s website for ... Read More »