Sunday, June 16, 2024
Happening Now

Old Putnam Veterans Services Building Seeking Renters To Offset Costs

Now that the new Putnam County Veterans Services building is moved in and operating on Highway 70, what is next for the old building?

Putnam County Veterans Organization leader Jimmie Loftis said right now, they are looking for additional rentals for some of the space left by the departure of the Veterans Services.

“We hope to maintain it, keep it going, the County Commission has been very supportive with grant monies and other donations we get from time to time,” Loftis said. “The building is pretty old, built in 1950 or so. But again it is owned by the PCVO and we intend to keep it going.”

Loftis said the remaining office in the building is the office of Lisa Fowler. Loftis said they want the public to know that it is open and available for rent.

Loftis said now the biggest expense for operation is utilities for the City of Cookeville. He said they are hopeful that getting more rentals will offset the costs.