Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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OCS Officials to Discuss LA Football Field Jan. 7
Overton County Schools' Building Committee will meet Jan.7 with architects to discuss potential renovations to the Livingston Academy football field (File Photo)

OCS Officials to Discuss LA Football Field Jan. 7

Overton County Schools’ Building Committee will meet in January to discuss the future of the Livingston Academy football field.

Director of Schools Dr. Mark Winningham says no plans are finalized at this time as preliminary talks continue.

“We’ll just continue our discussions of the future of the existing stadium, or the possibility of replacing that existing stadium with a new one,” Winningham says. “I think we’re just looking and trying to devise a plan on whether we’re going to repair or replace that structure.”

Winningham says the current facility has not aged well, and needs several updates to bring it to higher standards.

“It’s an old block and mortar foundation system with concrete bleachers,” Winningham says. “Over the years, those sections where the concrete bleachers are joined together has deteriorated. Water has now seeped down into the blocks and during the winter time, many times that water will freeze, expand, and it will bust the ends off of the block.”

Winningham says a brand-new stadium would likely be completed prior to the 2020 football season if repairs to the current facility aren’t possible. Current talks indicate a new track could be added around the existing field as part of the renovation.

The building committee will meet with Cope Architects Monday, Jan. 7 at the football field to discuss the project in-depth.