Saturday, June 12, 2021
Happening Now

Monterey Water And Sewer Line Project Wrapping Up, Paving Remains

Monterey’s project extending water and sewer lines off exit 300 is coming to a close.

Mayor JJ Reels said crews switched to the new water line Thursday, which is one of the final steps to close the contract.

“After that’s done, the contractor now I think they will be finished with it,” Reels said. “Then, we’ll have to get the pavers in here. That’s through the Roger’s Group, and once they get the paving, then that project would be pretty much complete.”

Reels said customers along Garrett Road, Bishop Avenue and Poplar Street likely experienced water outages due to the work. Reels said that water should be restored by the end of the day.

“We’re just going through a procedure to hook up our new water line that we ran through the ARC grant under interstate 40 there at exit 300,” Reels said. “We have to shut it off for a while to be able to connect that new line.”

Reels said residents past Bee Rock towards White County will benefit from the added water pressure. The Appalachian Regional Commission project came in about $115,000 under. Reels said Monterey is looking to spend that unused money to push the line closer to town.