Monday, May 27, 2019
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Monterey Board Awards Paving Bid

The Monterey Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved bids Monday night for the paving projects.

The board awarded the $21,195 bid to Copeland Dirt Rock Pavement out of Cookeville.

“We use them all the time to buy asphalt for pothole repair,” Mayor Bill Wiggins said. “They’ve bid on other jobs.

The Paving projects will take place on Gaw Street heading into the strip mall, Johnson Street, and the lower end of Whittaker Park.

“We’ve got a problem over there. We’ve got the road leading down to the pump station just washing away,” Wiggins said. “I recommend that we bid these out in one bid but separate parcels.”

The projects should begin by early November.

Wiggins said funding for the Gaw Street project would come out of general revenue. The Johnson Street project would be funded with depreciation from water and sewer and the Whittaker Park project would be paid for out of the Standing Stone Health Care trust money.




The paving will be done on Gaw Street leading into the strip mall. The other projects on Johnson Street and the lower ed of Whittacker Park.


The bid was awarded to Copelands for $29,150