Monday, April 22, 2024
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Monterey Aldermen Postpone Accepting Soccer Field Bid

Monterey Aldermen tabled a decision on the only bid received for a new soccer field at Black Bottoms Sports Park.

City officials received one bid for the project last month, $248,250 with an optional extra $35,500 charge to pave a parking lot. The decision tabled after aldermen were unsure about the city’s budget for the project.

“I guess we need to put that in a committee and see if we can’t figure out what we’ve got on it,” Mayor Mark Farley said.

Finance Officer Ella Dishman said a $200,000 grant would fund the project.

“This is a little bit less than what we’d originally estimated, so we’re fortunate in that regard because a lot of the times now it kind of goes the other way,” Consulting Engineer Jerry Warren said.

City officials want to develop the soccer field to allow the schools to begin soccer programs.