Saturday, July 20, 2024
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March Early Voting Now Open Throughout The UC

Upper Cumberland residents can experience a quicker, easier voting process for the March 5 election by early voting this week.

Cumberland County Administrator of Elections Jill Davis said there has been a low turnout at her office as well since early voting opened Wednesday. She said even if people are not worried about wait times, life circumstances can conflict with election day, so this is the safest way to ensure that your vote will be cast.

“You need to exercise your right to vote because if you don’t vote, you don’t have a voice,” Davis said.

Putnam County Administrator of Elections Michele Honeycutt said the Elections Office has 10 voting machines, helping lines move much quicker than they will on Election Day. She said registered voters with a state or federal ID can cast their vote through February 27.

“We have not been busy,” Honeycutt said. “Yesterday, we voted a total of 147 all day. Today it’s been very slow also, so first of all, you won’t have long lines. If it were to line up a little bit at early voting, we can process the voters much quicker.”

Honeycutt said in Putnam County, the ballot shows three school board positions, criminal court judge, and assessor of property locally. She said the Republican presidential and delegate nominees are on the ballot nationally. She said with local races, these elections impact your life.

“You’re voting for the people that are making decisions about our lives, honestly,” Honeycutt said. “You just need to get your voice heard. Most people feel very strongly one way or the other and if you vote, that’s how you can express that.”

Sample ballots and early-voting office hours are available on Election Commission websites.