Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Livingston South Church Street Upgrades Delayed By Supply Chain

Upgrades to Livingston’s South Church Street area delayed because of supply chain issues.

Downtown Redevelopment Commission Chair Gene Gantt said the project will not begin until January. The project will include burying the utility lines in the area. Gantt said transformers and vaults needed will not be available until December.

“They were back-ordered to that point,” Gantt said. “So there was no use to start on the project and do any construction, tear the roads up, or get ready even in any way shape, or form until we had assurance that those vaults and transformers would be available.”

The project will improve sidewalks in the area and add new sidewalks. Stormwater, lighting and utility projects are also part of the work beginning at the Courthouse Square.

Gantt said that the construction is meant to support businesses on South Church Street. Several businesses have remodeled in the area. Gantt said the area used to be a thriving part of town and that the buildings on the street were historic to the city.

“We’re out of space on the town square because we’ve been successful in filling all those buildings up with boutiques and restaurants and shops of all kinds,” Gantt said. “And now we’re looking for expansion room and South Church Street would be that expansion.”

Gantt said that the city had hoped that construction would move much faster, but that the supply shortage was out of their control. He said that when taking on similar projects in the past gathering materials such as these has not been a problem.

“As things are now, in today’s world, we do have supply chain issues and we do have supply and demand issues at the same time,” Gantt said. “I’m not sure which one of the two it is but for whatever reason the transformers and vaults won’t be available.”

An Appalachian Regional Commission grant helping to pay for the project.