Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Jamestown Regional Medical Center Sold As Taxes Pile Up

The former Jamestown Regional Medical Center facility sold at noon Friday at a delinquent tax sale at the Fentress County Justice Center.

Fentress County Finance and Budget Director Tyler Arms said the hospital had not paid taxes in two years. He said former ownership has a year to redeem the property, but will have to pay interest and penalties if they choose to do so. He said the purchase clears a year of delinquent taxes for the new owner, but the remaining year of fees will have to be paid.

“We would love to see it be a hospital again for the citizens again for the citizens, but, I mean, it’s pretty unrealistic at the point, I think,” Arms said. “And the current owner, you know, they’re not in the medical field. Not saying he couldn’t sell it or lease it or something to someone in the medical field.”

He said the hospital has paid in the past, but after running two years behind, the county needed it back on the tax roll. He said the biggest concern for the county is not having a hospital in place.