Monday, June 17, 2024
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Jackson County Redistricting Approves Plan To Present To Commission

Jackson County Redistricting Committee approved its map to present before the county commission.

The committee approved the map with a unanimous vote, as well as selected District Four Commissioner Paul Ballard as its chair.

The Administrator of Elections Drew McMillan said it was a positive that the redistricting plan had just over 200 people moving districts out of 11,617. CTAS Consultant Ben Rodgers said that the plan presented had the least amount of change possible.

“They weren’t out of deviation that far so it didn’t take a lot of work,” Rodgers said. “And the least people you can affect you’re doing the county a service. People don’t have to change a lot, unfortunately, some people have to change, but the changes are not big it’s very minor.”

McMillan said they will alert those affected by a mailed notification. Mayor Randy Heady said that the changes included increasing the populations of Districts 1 and 2, and decreasing the population of Districts 3 and 4. The model presented had no changes to those in District 6. CTAS Consultant Ben Rodgers said the most affected districts are 3 and 5.

Heady said they plan on presenting the plan to the commission at its next meeting on Monday, October 25th.