Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Jackson Co Schools Starting Demolition For Safe Entrance Project

Demolition for Jackson County School’s system-wide secure entrance project will start over Christmas break.

Director of Schools Kristy Brown updated the school board on the project’s progress Thursday night. Brown said she spoke with a vendor to possibly add access control to the entrances.

“We’ve talked for some time about doing these access controls in the schools,” Brown said. “It kind of logs students in and out. It is pretty incredible what it can do, and I don’t have a ball park for a cost on that, but I will have it for you in the next board meeting.”

The school board scheduled a work session at its January meeting to further review options. The new entrances will be similar to other school system’s with a vestibules leading to the front office.

“It just depends on what options you want to go with,” Brown said. “It also ties in with our surveillance system. It should be pretty smooth I hope. I’m glad to see that.”

Brown said after demolition, the new entrances will be installed as soon as materials are delivered. The school board approved a contractor for the project in September of this year.