Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Happening Now

Hooper Eblen Center LED Lights Replaced For Upcoming School Year

A $20,000 light replacement project just finished up at the Hooper Eblen Center.

Athletic Director Mark Wilson said the project replaced LED lights that were installed about eight years ago.

“Players want to play in good light, so they can see to make the plays that they are expected to as a Division 1 college athlete,” Wilson said. “We have standards we have to meet for broadcasting, so it’s critically important that we stay up to speed on that.”

Wilson said the regular maintenance project replaced over 100 lights. Wilson said the lights called ‘game lights’ can also transition colors for theatrics pre and post game.

“We were the first arena in the country to install those lights,” Wilson said. “It was technology developed in the national lab at Oak Ridge.”

Wilson said the university has saved on its electric bill by switching to the LED years ago. Wilson said football, baseball, softball and soccer also use LED lights.

Wilson said the gym floor will also be refinished in August to prepare for the upcoming school year. That is conducted twice a year.