Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Happening Now

Dwight Henry Reflects on Political Career

Cookeville Councilman Dwight Henry doesn’t see himself running for political office in the future following his latest reelection campaign.

Henry fell just short of the cutoff in the council election last week, finishing sixth of seven candidates in the race for Cookeville City Council.

“I don’t see myself offering myself as a candidate [but] anything could happen,” Henry said. “I don’t think I’ll run for public office again. I always want to be involved in the political process because it matters who serves, it matters who pushes those buttons, it matters what their world view is, [and] it matters what their view on government is.”

Last week, voters elected Laurin Wheaton, Mark Miller, and Erik Walker to the city council, along with Ricky Shelton and Charles Womack. Henry offered advice to the newly-elected council members as they prepare to take over next month.

“Know that we are a wonderful city, we are a city with momentum,” Henry said. “Do all you can to keep up with that momentum and keep that momentum going as it relates to our partnerships with the hospital, university, the county, the state, and all those kinds of things.”

Henry advises council members what they do will speak volumes with the public as they get set to help lead the city.

“Know that your actions, your attitudes, your words, and your reactions not only make a difference in terms of policy, but they really help set the attitude for the city,” Henry said. “The way the city thinks and looks at things depends on how you get along… We’re going to promote a good, professional attitude for the city.”

Henry said he hopes to pursue his passions of political service, ministry, and radio after his time on Cookeville’s council.

“As far as the best way to spend my time, I’m still thinking through that,” Henry said. “But I suspect it will include some or all those things, and maybe more, who knows.”

Although his days as a candidate may be over, Henry said he would like to be involved in Republican Nominee Bill Lee’s campaign for governor in some way.