Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Downtown Traffic Study, 2030 Update Part Of Year’s Work

The Cookeville Planning Commission has its plan for the new year including a new study on downtown parking.

The Commission’s Annual Report and Program Design for 2024 includes updating the city’s 2030 plan, conducting a study on the parking requirements in the city’s downtown, and studying stand-alone residential and mixed-use development within commercial zones in the city.

Community Development Director Jon Ward said a planning commission member requested the parking study.

Ward said the annual survey includes the major plans proposed to take place throughout this year. Ward said the commission has been issuing record numbers of residential permits and there is a lot of building activity taking place around the city.

“Definitely a busy year for the planning commission,” Ward said,

Other plans for the year include assisting in the implementation several projects such as the Major Street Plan, which will feature a widening of the roads on South Jefferson, North Willow Avenue, and East 10th Street, and the T-DOT multimodal grants for the installation of sidewalks in the city.