Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Happening Now

Cumberland Project Begins Expanding Public Water Access

Some 30 Cumberland County homes will gain access to public water in a water project that recently broke ground.

Mayor Allen Foster said homes of Browns Gap Road off of Highway 28 will benefit.

“People that need a drastic need for the water, too,” Foster said. “They have sulfur down there, and all kinds of issues with their water so we were excited to be able to help that community of people.”

Foster said the infrastructure also presents opportunity for county growth in the southern portion. Foster said the public water could lead to more sold property and residential development.

“They’re very excited,” Foster said. “They’ve been calling and getting updates all along. We’ve tried to keep them in the loop. It’s a great opportunity for everybody down there.”

Foster said the project has been in the works since 2018. Foster said at that time, the county applied for grant funding on the behalf of South Cumberland Utility District. Foster said the project was bid out in 2019 but several delays occurred.

Foster said the project is separate from the state’s ARP water money.