Monday, October 2, 2023
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Byrdstown Launches New Website For Water Customers To Pay Online

Byrdstown has launched its new website that will allow water customers to pay bills online. Mayor Sam Gibson said Byrdstown Water dot Com was established in the hope of making bill payments more convenient both for the customer and its employees. “It’s gonna make life a lot easier for people, especially if you want to short notice get online, and ... Read More »

Byrdstown Water Issues Should Back To Normal Over Next Few Days

Byrdstown expecting to fix the issues with its water pressure and water supply after receiving a new part for its pump system Thursday. That after weekend water pump failures have decreased the water treatment plant’s capacity to 50 percent. Mayor Sam Gibson said they tracked the delivery from Louisville to Cookeville, where they decided to get the part and bring ... Read More »

Fentress Approved For More Than $5M For Water Projects

Fentress County received state approval Friday for some $5.2 million to address critical drinking water needs. County Executive Jimmy Johnson said the county serves as a conduit for the funds that will be dispersed to Jamestown, Allardt, and the utility district. He said projects include raw water intake rehabilitation and old waterline replacements by the utility district. “The city of ... Read More »

S. Jefferson Waterline Project More Expensive Than Original Estimates

Cookeville’s South Jefferson waterline replacement project came in some $2 million over what was originally budgeted. Water Quality Control Director Barry Turner said the work will replace old lines from the courthouse to the interstate. He said the lowest bid came in at some $6.2 million. “We’re wanting to go ahead, if you look at the other bids they were ... Read More »

Putnam’s Martin Creek Water Project Comes In At Budget

Putnam County’s Martin Creek Water Project bids came in right at budget at some $1.87 million. Mayor Randy Porter said with all of the inflation and rising costs, they were surprised and pleased with the results of the bid. He said it looks like they will be able to do the entire Martin Creek area and replace lines off of ... Read More »

Spencer Moves Forward With Endangered Species Survey

The City of Spencer will move forward with an endangered species survey after a Thursday night vote. The survey required as part of the process to improve the city’s water supply, as mandated by the state Water and Wastewater Finance Board. The city wants to construct a new water raw water line. “This is down in the Caney Fork River,” ... Read More »

Water Main Leak Affects Several Businesses On Interstate Drive

A water main leak on Interstate Drive Monday evening may cause some traffic woes as the issue is addressed. Water Quality Control Director Barry Turner said the line is not a service line but a 10-inch water main that had a natural leak and was not caused by digging. He said this will affect several restaurants in the area as ... Read More »

Monterey Committee Pushes Calfkiller Water Project To Full Board

The Monterey Water and Sewer Committee recommended a joint water project with Putnam County to move forward Thursday. The project is a partnership to extend public water on Calfkiller Road through American Rescue Plan money. County Mayor Randy Porter said the project needed to move forward as spending deadlines start to approach. “We’re still wanting to do the project if ... Read More »