Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Crossville Trying To Cut Water Loss Numbers

Crossville will pursue new metering systems out of its main water system and replace household meters in an effort to curb water loss. The city has lost some 254 million gallons of water during the first six months of the year. That’s roughly a 31 percent water loss. The state requires water loss to be below 19.9 percent, according to ... Read More »

Byrdstown Moves On Water Project

The town of Byrdstown will replace water lines for the Eagle Cove and Star Point areas. Byrdstown Mayor Sam Gibson said about 800 homes will benefit from the increased water capacity and pressure. “That is where we usually have the most influx in new home owners and meter being added to our line,” Gibson said. “We have a lot of ... Read More »

Monterey Looks For New Business Off Exit 300

The city of Monterey will extend sewer and water lines at exit 300 on I-40 to allow new businesses to build. Mayor Bill Wiggins said the new lines will stretch from South Holley Street to the city limits around Bee Rock Road. “We have six properties out there at exit 300 that would have some commercial appeal once we can ... Read More »

Cookeville Water Expanding Services To Double Springs

Cookeville’s water department is negotiating a purchase of the rights to serve water to a portion of Double Springs Utility District’s customers. The purchase would include around 490 Double Springs’ customers located in the city limits of Cookeville. Cookeville Director of Water and Sewer Ronnie Kelly said said he delivered the latest version of the contract to Double Springs this ... Read More »

Monterey Could See Water Rate Increase

Monterey’s Water and Sewer Committee will recommend and present a water rate increase to the Board of Mayor and Alderman at Monday night’s meeting. Water Treatment Plant Supervisor Duane Jarrett said the five percent water rate increase compensates for the increased cost of living. The last price adjustment for water in Monterey happened in 2017. “Every year it gets about ... Read More »

Monterey Wants To Raise Water Rates

Despite the Covid-19 economic uncertainty, Monterey’s Water/Wastewater Committee wants to move forward with a rate increase. The plan is to have a rate increase added before the June 30th budget deadline, according to Monterey City Engineer Nathaniel Green. “We need to be talking more seriously about a rate increase and trying to start it this year,” Green said, “Obviously we didn’t ... Read More »