Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Happening Now

Cumberland County Commission Moving Forward To Establish County Building And Codes Department

Cumberland County Commission taking the next steps to establish a county building and codes department.

Mayor Allen Foster said until now, the county had been conducting inspections through a partnership with the city of Crossville. He said they’ve been happy with that partnership, but the county has decided to conduct its inspections in-house as development in the county increases.

“It’s continued to grow,” Foster said. “And while the city has done the inspections for us on a contractual basis for many years, the county commission decided that it’s grown to the point for us to do our inspections instead of the city having to do them for us.”

Foster said the city will continue to help the county conduct inspections until January 2024. He said the county will use that time to put together a budget for the new department and find the right candidates for the position.

Foster said the county is not looking to make money off of the new departments. He said the intent is to have common sense, basic, standard codes, with common sense enforcement.