Saturday, July 20, 2024
Happening Now

Crossville’s Village Inn Closed Due To Code Violations

The Village Inn located on Crossville’s Burnett Street has been closed due to multiple code violations.

Police Captain Brian Eckelson said what started with a warrant being served for a long-time narcotics investigation turned into building compliance checks by the codes and fire safety departments.

“The overhead walkways that are concrete have deteriorated and some are missing and falling concrete was observed,” Eckelson said. “Handrails, support posts, things like at for the walkways were found broken, loose and hanging. The apartment where they went to serve the warrant actually had water standing in the floor and it was an occupied unit. The people who lived there, the residents were walking on boards to stay up out of the water.”

Eckelson said the result of the inspection led to the power to the entire facility being pulled and an immediate habitation ban being issued. He said that the 64-unit building was mostly occupied.

Eckelson said several organizations are working to help those displaced, including Emergency Services, the Cumberland County Good Samaritans, and the Homeless Advocacy for Rural Tennessee. He said that based on his understanding and preliminary information, the building will most likely not reopen.