Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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CRMC Specialist Says Get Flu Vaccine, Protect Yourself With Simple Things

Flu season is here and getting your flu vaccine is the best way to stay healthy.

Cookeville Regional Medical Center Infection Prevention Manager Stephanie Etter said anyone six months or older can receive the vaccine and should unless they have a contrary indication.

“We are just starting to see cases of flu,” Etter said. “So now is a great time to get your flu vaccine, it takes our bodies about two weeks to fully build antibodies from the vaccine. So now before we start gathering together for holidays, is a great time to go ahead and get vaccinated for flu.”

Etter said citizens can also protect themselves by washing their hands, not touching their face, and cleaning surfaces often. Etter said that boosting your immune system with restful sleep, hydration, and provider-approved supplements helps protect against the flu.

Etter said taking these precautions can not only help citizens avoid the flu but also lessens the effects if they are infected.

“Some flu seasons are worse than others,” Etter said. “But we always consistently see an increase in the number of flu cases after holidays.”

Etter said that many, especially younger, people see the flu as a mild illness, though it is much more serious for others.

“We also want to think about people in our community who are elderly,” Etter said. “Or people with weakened immune systems who can’t boost a response as well from the flu vaccine so we also want to consider protecting others.”

Etter said citizens can receive anti-viral medication from the health provider in the first couple of days of contracting the flu. Etter said any who contract the flu should keep themselves isolated and hydrated to avoid the spread of sickness.