Monday, June 17, 2024
Happening Now

CRMC 5 West Project Takes Next Steps Toward Fall Completion

Cookeville Regional Medical Center’s 5 West renovation project has taken its next step, with facilities now being built out.

CEO Buffy Key said the patient rooms in 5 West are now being built out and the improved facility is taking shape. She said the hospital is having furniture fairs now to determine what kind of furniture will be used for the space.

“For 4 West and 5 West, we’re adding 40 patient rooms, so that means less time in the ER,” Key said. “If they’re going to be admitted, they get upstairs quicker. And then also, having that dialysis center right here where right now, we’re using ICU beds for dialysis, so that relieves some of those ICU beds for sick patients.”

Key said Turner Construction has created a schedule that allows them to avoid weather delays and prevent disruption when materials do not arrive on time. She said she expects completion no later than fall.

“They have done just a fantastic job,” Key said. “They’ve always got just a good program manager and a good programmatic schedule that they work on, so they expect these kinds of things, and they expect those equipment delays with shipping issues and things like that.”

Key said the $16.4 million project has remained on budget as well.

Once the 5 West project finishes, construction will begin on 4 West.