Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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CPD Warns Of Increase Car Burglaries Around City, Advises To Secure Valuables

Cookeville Police Department is seeing increased vehicle burglaries around the city.

PIO Lieutenant Anthony Leoonard said in 2023 alone they have had 29 cases of vehicles being burglarized. He said the department typically gets an uptick in these types of crimes during this time of year because more people are out and about.

“For instance, if you might go to a park in town, you might leave your valuables in the car so you can take a walk,” Leonard said. “Well someone who is looking to break into your car might be watching to see if you put a purse in the truck or maybe like a gym bag in the back. So we suggest securing those things before you make your trip.”

Leonard said people usually burglarize a car as a crime of opportunity. He said they will go to areas where they might be able to try several vehicles and look for valuables that are in plain sight.

“Looking at the statistics for this year it doesn’t look like there is any particular area where this is happening,” Leonard said. “They are in shopping centers. sometimes they’re in driveways or parking lots. but typically it’s in a place where these potential thieves can check multiple vehicles without having to travel too far.”

Leonard said the best thing to do is either secure your valuables or take them with you when you leave your car. Additionally, he said to double-check that you have locked your car doors.