Monday, April 22, 2024
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Cookeville Mayor Seeking More Equal Partnership Between City And Leslie Town Center

Cookeville Mayor Ricky Shelton wants a fair and equitable partnership when it comes to helping the Leslie Town Center front big-ticket repairs.

Shelton said that the current partnership between the city and the Public Building Authority has the city splitting the costs for repairs 50/50. He said that with the pandemic affecting the Leslie Town Center’s ability to host events and earn funding, they’ve asked the city to cover some repair projects fully.

“My only thought is if we’re going to front this money, there should be some type of fair, equitable resolve to that,” Shelton said. “It would be that we would have a credit for the extra amount we’re paying and then we just wouldn’t pay them like we typically do for the rental of the facility that we own.”

City Council will consider assisting the Leslie Town Center with an emergency HVAC system repair and replacement at its next meeting, on Thursday, November 4th.

Shelton said that the cost of the HVAC repair and replacement totals some $28,000. He said that because the building is important to the community, it’s important to invest in its upkeep.

“Typically they have been a very, very busy facility,” Shelton said. “And able to manage and work through those things, but because of a lack of events and a lack of revenue coming in, they’re looking for some extra assistance. Have no problem providing that assistance, I just want it to be a win-win for everybody.”

Shelton said that in normal times, the building would be able to front projects like the recent carpet replacement or the potential upcoming roof work. He said that with the current situation, it might be a good time to revisit and update the partnership between the city and the PBA.