Friday, May 24, 2024
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Cookeville Public Works Hopeful Spring Street Phase I To Complete In The Next Month

Phase I of Cookeville’s East Spring Street sidewalk work projected to complete in the next month.

Public Works Director Blake Mayo said the first phase runs from Old Kentucky Road, down Raider Drive, to Spring Street. He said the project had faced several delays because of T-DOT’s concern with traffic control while work was underway.

“They hope to get all the drain pipes installed this week and get the majority of the grading complete to start pouring the sidewalk,” Mayo said. “I believe work actually started (Thursday) on the island out on Old Kentucky Road to get that wrapped up.”

Mayo said they do not foresee any major road closures as the project comes close to finishing. He said drivers should only expect to see the lane shift the department currently has in place.

Mayo said more work will need to be done before Phase II can begin. He said that will head back towards town and include Carlen Drive and stop at the triangle where Broad Street and Spring Street meet. However, that may need to be broken up into multiple phases.

“We’ll have to find a proper procurement for Phase II and then get the plans reworked,” Mayo said. “And apply for another grant, and go from there with TDOT.”