Sunday, May 24, 2020
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Cookeville Planning Commission Approves Broadway Ave. Rezoning

The Cookeville Planning Commission approved a residential rezoning along Broadway Avenue Monday.

Interim Planning Director Jon Ward said developers plan to create a new subdivision off West Broad Street near Petite Drive.

“It’s a higher-density, single-family detached zoning district,” Ward said. “The developers have proposed dividing the property into 50 lots on this first phase that could be continued into a second phase to build single-family detached homes.”

Each lot in the proposed development would range between 5,000 and 6,000-square-feet with approximately 10 feet of space between units.

Several residents who live in the area of the proposed development along Petite Drive voiced their concerns over a drastic increase in traffic.

Ward said traffic statistics show that likely won’t be the case.

“In the opinion of the planning department, the increase in traffic will be very minor,” Ward said. “It’s a single-family detached residence that’s proposed for the property. It’s one of the [lowest] traffic generators that you have. This was only the rezoning, though. [Developers] will still have to bring a development proposal, a preliminary plat to the planning commission for their consideration.”

Ward said during the meeting the amount of traffic in the area has fluctuated over the last four years.

Residents also raised concerns over heavy truck traffic utilizing Petite Drive during the proposed development and truck traffic using the roadway in general. Planning Commission and City Councilman Eric Walker said during Monday’s meeting the city could potentially look into limiting truck traffic along that road.

Planning Commission members unanimously approved the proposed rezoning.