Saturday, June 12, 2021
Happening Now

Cookeville Celebrates National Day of Prayer Thursday

The Cookeville Chapter of the National Day of Prayer organization is taking part in this year’s Day of Prayer: “Lord pour out your love, life and liberty.”

The National Day of Prayer was established in 1952 by Congress as a day for Christians across the United States to come together in prayer. Cookeville Chapter President Karla McKinney said it’s an opportunity for people to join together to lift up the community with focused prayer.

“I believe it moves and motivates hearts and minds to think about what they’re praying about, to think about who they’re praying about and to whom they’re praying to. I’m hoping it would encourage people to jointly pray together,” McKinney said.

The event will be held virtually and on the radio again this year due to COVID concerns. The event begins at 11:50am live on News Talk 94.1 and on Day Of Prayer Facebook.

McKinney said one thing she wants those participating to focus on, is letting the Holy Spirit guide their prayer.

“I have asked them to please let the Holy Spirit just flow through them and let him speak and let him be the voice in their prayers. I think that is so important in a believer’s life to have the Holy Spirit guiding them,” McKinney said.

In addition to encouraging people to join in prayer, McKinney said she hopes the event opens up a community of prayer to those who might not know about it.

“They just need to know that we’re here and we’re available for our community. We have local people from our community that participate in our prayer service and there’s ways they can get involved if they wish to,” McKinney said.