Monday, April 22, 2024
Happening Now

Collegeside Church Of Christ Working To Increase Worship And Welcome Space Capacity

Collegeside Church of Christ making progress with its expansion project that will triple the size of its welcome space.

Teaching Pastor John Nichols said the church wants its facility to serve as a place for community and healing. He said in order to grow those efforts, the project will focus on maximizing its campus.

“Collegeside is a very welcoming church and we want to be more welcoming and to do that we need more space,” Nichols said. “To do that we’re going to increase our worship capacity by about 25 percent of what we currently have.”

Nichols said the project began in January. He said according to contractors, the work is predicted to complete in July.

Nichols said that means services will be severely impacted over the summer. He said for a few Sundays, the church hopes to partner with Tennessee Tech to find an alternative location to gather.

“We are hoping to get this done before Tennessee Tech students return to campus in the fall,” Nichols said. “(…) We’re really excited about the project and how this can help us maximize our campus.”