Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Changes Made To Cookeville City Policies And Procedures Handbook

Changes related to workplace relationships and the city’s anti-tobacco policy have been made to Cookeville’s Policies and Procedures Manual.

Human Resources Director Carl Sells said the manual currently only addresses cigarette smoking. This change will broaden the city’s policy to include tobacco and vaping products in city-owned facilities.

“It would be enlarged to include all tobacco products, as well as vaping, meaning that employees cannot smoke, use any tobacco product, or any vaping product inside a city building, inside of a city vehicle, or inside of an enclosed cab on any heavy equipment,” Sells said.

Sells clarified that the regulations added to the anti-smoking policy do not refer to smoking or tobacco use outside of city buildings and vehicles. Employees can still step outside to use those products.

The second change involves the addition of a new section to the handbook altogether. The resolution clarifies the distinction between acceptable and unacceptable relationships between city co-workers. Specifically, Sells said it outlines relationships between supervisors and subordinates. Sells said the new section will give guidance to city employees about the potentially sensitive issue.

City Council voted unanimously in favor of the changes.