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Van Buren Schools Table Daycare Renovations

Discussions by the Van Buren County School Board about renovating a masonic lodge for use as a daycare, tabled indefinitely Wednesday night. Director of Schools Jared Copeland said the county received a grant from the Upper Cumberland Development District some three years ago to renovate the building. He said he believes that the money remaining from the grant would cover ... Read More »

Putnam Opens General Sessions Courts To Adoptions

Putnam County’s General Sessions Courts can now hear adoption cases. Circuit Court Clerk Jennifer Wilkerson said adoption cases were previously only seen by upper-level chancery and circuit courts. She said with cases piling up, this gives people dealing with adoption proceedings an additional avenue to get their adoption finalized. “This again, will provide another opportunity to spread those cases out ... Read More »

Avalon Center Starting Garden To Grow New Beginnings

The Avalon Center Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program is looking for donations to help provide its clients with a garden. Sexual Assault Advocate Stage Ward said victims at the shelter will be able to plant fruits and vegetables to harvest for meal preparation. She said when someone is traumatized by abuse, they lose something. This garden will provide victims ... Read More »

Tennessee Tech Celebrating 109th Charter Day

March 27 marks Tennessee Tech Charter Day, a chance to remember the 109th anniversary of the school’s establishment and its struggle for state recognition. University Archivist Megan Atkinson said the school began as Dixie University. She said as the University of Dixie struggled to get off the ground, the state stepped in and the school became the Tennessee Polytechnic Institute. ... Read More »

Vietnam Veterans Day Honors Those Who Served

A Vietnam Veterans Day event in Crossville Friday hopes to provide camaraderie for veterans, and a memorial for those who did not make it home. Cumberland County Vietnam Veterans Association Membership Chairman Keith Seitzer said veterans benefit from a community that understands what they have been through. He said vets will meet at Memorial Park across from the Courthouse for ... Read More »

Smith Takes Over As Gainesboro Police Chief

Michael Smith taking over as Gainesboro Police Chief following the retirement of his mentor, Chief Michael Head. Smith said he has worked in law enforcement for 31 years, 18 of them with the Gainesboro Police Department. He said he believes he has a headstart given that he is familiar with the department and the community. He said he was deeply ... Read More »

Two CRMC Wings Awarded For Preventing Infections

Cookeville Regional Medical Center introduced a brand new award Tuesday night, honoring staff who limit hospital-acquired infections. CEO Buffy Key said common infections caused in U.S. hospitals include urinary tract infections from improper catheter use. She said a 1999 study reported that hospitals unintentionally cause some 100,000 infections in their patients every year. “Our team does a great job doing ... Read More »

Cookeville Camera Club Hosting Annual Exhibition

The Cookeville Camera Club will hold its annual photography exhibition at the Cookeville Arts Studio beginning next week. Secretary Stan McReynolds said the show will include over 100 pictures from some 15 members of the club. He said many of the photographers have the skills to produce professional-level work. “First of all, it gives them the opportunity to sell their ... Read More »

Overton Schools Enter Building Program Agreement

Overton County Schools moving forward with a building program agreement meant to tackle four major projects with the same architectural firm. Director of Schools Donnie Holman said the firm will construct new classrooms to alleviate overcrowding at Allons Elementary School, Hilham Elementary School, and Rickman Elementary School. He said they will also tackle a major cafeteria renovation at Livingston Academy. ... Read More »

Cumberland Coalition Hiring Older Adult Specialist

Cumberland Prevention Coalition will use $100,000 in State Opioid Abatement Money to fund a new older adult prevention specialist. Executive Director Lachelle Lee said 32 percent of the Cumberland County population is 65 years old or older, some 15 percent higher than the state average. She said this demographic has a hard time getting treatment and is often more susceptible ... Read More »