Thursday, September 29, 2022
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State Evaluating Need For Turn Lanes At Two White Co Schools

Turn lanes at Findlay Elementary and White County High School could be a project coming in the future. State Representative Paul Sherrell reported to the White County School Board that TDOT is studying the matter. “There’s has been some people that has approached me and wanting to know why can’t we have a turn lane at the high school and ... Read More »

Sparta Judge Seat And City Attorney Position Vacant After Tie Vote

Sparta’s Municipal Court Judge and City Attorney positions will remain vacant for the foreseeable future after two tie votes by the Board of Aldermen. City Attorney Lynn Omohundro resigned from the position. Municipal Judge John Meadows won the General Sessions Judge seat. Alderman Hoyte Jones was one of the three no votes. “I think there’s a few things in this ... Read More »

CDC Lists Six UC Counties With High COVID Numbers

If you feel like you’ve heard more friends and neighbors contracting COVID in recent days, you are correct. The Centers for Disease Control reports Putnam, Clay, Jackson, Overton, Pickett and White Counties with high community COVID levels. The updated numbers released Thursday estimated 223 cases per 100,000 people in Putnam County. That number along with hospital admissions and the number ... Read More »

Clay School Board Requesting Bids for Rest Area Improvements

The Clay County School Board approved requesting bids for rest area and restroom improvements within the school system. Chairman Benji Bailey said they are currently in the preliminary phase of multiple renovation projects. One of which is a plumbing project at the Celina K-8 facility. “We are in the process of looking at our options for redoing some bathrooms and ... Read More »

Sparta Scheduling Work Session To Address Employee Pay

An in-house pay study of Sparta employees has shown a need to increase wages. Just how much the raises would amount to unknown at this time. City Administrator Brad Hennessee told Aldermen Thursday night he recommended scheduling a work session to layout option. “A meaningful and effective adjustment is going to be expensive,” Hennessee said. “The city just started a ... Read More »

Baxter Crossroads Residents Bring Water Bill Concerns To Aldermen

About a dozen homeowners of the new Baxter Crossroads subdivision spoke at the city’s Board meeting with concerns about high water bills. The homeowners lacking irrigation systems have used hoses to water their lawns. As it turns out, the amount of water used turns that into a sewer rate issue. Councilman Dustin Stanton: “What you would do if you don’t ... Read More »

White Co BOE Postpones Selling Central View School

After eight months of discussion, the White County School Board decided to postpone selling the Central View School building. Members voted 4-2 Thursday on a twice amended motion to not sell the property until October 31st 2024. The motion includes a contingency that if facility upkeep exceeds $100,000 per year that the school board could revisit dealing the property. The ... Read More »

Monterey Fire Chief To Inspect Ladder Truck For Purchase

Monterey has finally located a used ladder truck to purchase after searching for a couple of years. Mayor Nathan Walker said the town has received one bid from a Texas fire department that can move forward upon inspection. “Our fire chief should be going out to take a look at that and do his inspections hopefully very soon,” Walker said. ... Read More »

Algood Mayor Nominated BY TML For Mayor Of The Year

Algood Mayor Lisa Chapman-Fowler has been nominated as Mayor of the Year by the Tennessee Municipal League. Fowler said new gear for the fire department, sanitation department and sewer line testing are reasons for the nomination. “It really makes me proud that people have realized that I just have a sincere love for all things Algood and to be even ... Read More »

Tech’s ACS Student Chapter Earns Top 10 Ranking In The World

Tennessee Tech’s student chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) has been ranked one of the top ten in the world. The society is the world’s leading organization Senior Lecturer and Chapter Advisor Dr. Amanda Carroll said the designation came as a result of the group’s work throughout the year doing education and service events and a comprehensive report summarizing ... Read More »