Monday, May 29, 2023
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PEP Foundation Pays Off Lunch Debt For Students On Free And Reduced Lunch Students

The Putnam Educational Partnership (PEP) Foundation paid off the lunch debt for all students on free and reduced lunches. Executive Director Katelyn Steakley said the foundation covered almost $15,000 in lunch debt. She said that was made possible through the foundation’s community donations. “Unfortunately debts such as lunch debt can follow students throughout their educational careers,” Steakley said. “It can ... Read More »

New Putnam Bus Garage Plat Postponed From Cookeville Planning Consideration

Putnam County having to postpone presenting its preliminary plat for the new county bus garage at the Cookeville Planning Commission. The new bus garage is set to be off of Tennessee Avenue. County Mayor Randy Porter said the engineer asked for the postponement after running into issues with TVA. “So we’re in the process of getting all those plans finished ... Read More »

Sparta Begins Paving Project Work Monday

Sparta’s 2023 paving project began roadwork on Monday. Public Works Director Dillard Quick said the project started some three years ago when the city graded the streets and began working on the worst. “There are a few that are bad and it’s because we had to go back and do sewer and water upgrades on the road,” Quick said. “And ... Read More »

Cookeville Planning Approves Property Rezoning On South Jefferson And Old Sparta Road

Cookeville Planning Commission approved the rezoning of a 10-acre tract on South Jefferson and Old Sparta Road Monday night. The rezoning would change the property from high-density residential to local commercial. Community Development Director Jon Ward said the planning department wanted to rezone the area to a classification that would allow for both commercial and residential development opportunities, and not ... Read More »

New Criminal Justice Center On The Table For DeKalb

DeKalb County officials will explore options to build a new County Criminal Justice Center. County Mayor Matt Adcock said the current county jail does not meet certain code standards. During recent meetings with state officials, Adcock said the Tennessee Corrections Institute’s Bob Bass recommended a brand-new criminal justice center rather than just upgrading the current jail. “Now a concern is ... Read More »

TTU’s Julie Baker Recognized With OVC’s Outstanding Faculty Award

Tennessee Tech Professor Julie Baker recognized with the OVC’s inaugural Outstanding Faculty Commitment to Student Success Award. The Associate Dean of the School of Education has served at Tech for some 17 years. She said student success begins with the social connections students build in Putnam County. Baker said one student stuck with her. “So I walked with him that ... Read More »

Pickett To Start Feasibility Study For Bill Dance Signature Lakes Project

Pickett County Commission will move forward with a feasibility study for the Bill Dance Signature Lakes project. County Executive Stephen Bilbrey said the county received just one bid after having to rebid the project. He said that is because the work is very specialized and requires certain qualifications to even be considered. “Once this study is completed it will actually ... Read More »

Stealing Road Signs Have More Consequences Than Harmless Prank

Several Upper Cumberland counties struggling with having road signs stolen. Clay County Sheriff Brandon Boone said this has been an issue for several years and is not something new. He said he thinks teens who are up to mischief do not understand the consequences stealing a road sign can have. “We have a lot of new deputies and new EMS ... Read More »