Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Byrdstown Under Boil Water Advisory Due To Low Pressure After Pump Failure

Byrdstown under a boil water advisory after one of its filtration system pumps failed over the weekend.

Mayor Sam Gibson said that failure means the city is only pumping at half capacity. He said as a result, the water will gradually get lower pressure, especially for residences located further away from the water treatment plant.

“The state requires us to do a boil water call and even the filtration part,” Gibson said. “Because there’s a possibility that when your pressure gets pretty low that some of that sediment that’s in the line could get into your house.”

Gibson said they have been working as quickly as possible to find the part replacement. He said they were finally able to get the pump ordered, but the 4th of July holiday slowed its delivery. He said the issue could be fixed as early as Thursday.

Gibson said in the meantime, the city asks residents to do what they can to conserve water. He said that means to refrain from watering yards or washing vehicles, as well as using buckets of water to help flush commodes.

“Maybe you have plenty but your neighbors and your neighbors out in the outer area may not have any so let’s think of them and conserve what we can,” Gibson said. “So we just need to conserve and not use any more than we have to. We’re only capable of pumping 50 percent like I said, and everything we pump is treated but because it’s low pressure we have to have the water boil in effect.”