Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Bell Said Unitech Opening Leads To Partnership With South Korean City

Warren County Executive Terry Bell said Friday’s announcement of a new Unitech facility in Morrison has led to a broader partnership between the county and Anseong City in South Korea.

Bell said Unitech was initially attracted to the area because of the investments previously made by the county and the environment of the Upper Cumberland. He said the new partnership could lead to more businesses coming to the county.

“They compare themselves to Silicon Valley only as Science in their area, and Warren County has signed a partnership with Anseong City,” Bell said. “That’s where Unitech’s headquarters are located to try to partner and get our name out worldwide. So maybe we can attract a lot more business over from Korea.”

Bell said in addition to Warren County’s business friendly environment, a spec building the county had previously built attracted Unitech to Morrison. He said a different company had previously occupied the space, but when they moved out, the county made it a priority to attract another business to the location.

“The county actually built this building,” Bell said. “We brought in NPC, and they sold out to Novarious, and then Novarious closed their plant. The facility and just our area, they said our area around here and just around the Upper Cumberland, the lay of the land is a lot like it is in Korea where they’re from.”

This will be the first US facility for the South Korean-based adhesive manufacturer. Bell said they were attracted to the state because of the growing electric vehicle market.

“They are going after the EV market in the new electric cars,” Bell said. “A lot of that adhesive is used to put those batteries together. They are trying to get a contract with GM to use their adhesive in the cars.”

Unitech will be creating 75 new jobs for the area. Bell said he is excited to welcome the company into the community.

“I think it just shows Warren County has a lot of potential,” Bell said. “We’ve got the megatronics. We took them to megatronics, and they were really interested in the robotics training that we’re providing for the students coming out of school, so they can work these robots in the factories, and we just got a great business climate for them.”