Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Happening Now

Algood Council Puts Big Mac Drive Project Out To Bid

The Algood City Council has taken the next step to extend Big Mac Drive.

City Administrator Keith Morrison said the project has been put out for bid after council approval.

“I’m sure they can start on it even in the winter months building the subgrade and getting some of the stuff built up,” Morrison said. “Of course, paving if it gets into the winter time it would have to wait until the spring. That just depends on the contractor that gets awarded the project.”

Morrison said $400,000 is the estimated project cost. Morrison said the council has several funding options that it could consider to cover the cost.

“We can supplement some with our state street aid fund to improve our streets,” Morrison said. “We can use general fund paving money we have set aside. We’ve also got that ARP money that is sitting there. We have some options. The council will have to look at that closely when the bids come in.”

Morrison said finding bidders has been a challenge, but he believes there will be interest in the project. The plans call for a two-lane road that would extend the road past zaxby’s, connect to the back of the Walmart parking lot and install a stop sign.