Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Happening Now

Algood Considering New Welcome Signs

Algood will look to install new welcome signs at its city entrances.

City Administrator Keith Morrison said the current signs are too generic and need some improvements.

“It had been requested multiple times that we review this with the possibility of putting some kind of a nice brick and mortar,” Morrison said. “And make the entrances of Algood kind of dressed up, with maybe a flower bed, a flag, solar lights, or some things that really stand out so when you get to Algood you know that you’re here.”

The city would place the new signs at Highway 111 and Main Street and Highway 111 at Old Highway 42. City officials said said they would like the new signs to match the one at city hall.

Algood City Council voted Tuesday to table a measure to request RFPs for the project. Morrison said that gives council more time to discuss ideas.

“I think one of the options is that each member of the council can come back with some signs that they kind of like or what they think it should look like,” Morrison said. “Then I can get you some comparative prices for what we paid for the sign at city hall.”

Council will review design options during next month’s meeting and decide how to move forward.