Sunday, June 16, 2024
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White Co Commissioners Approves Funding For Shelter Worker Through Fiscal Year

White County officials have agreed to pay for a part-time worker at the county’s animal shelter starting in April.

Volunteers from the shelter came to the county’s Steering Committee B meeting on Monday and requested that the county pay for the position from April to the end of June. Volunteer Monica Jicha said it would cost the county just over $3,200.

“Right now, that part-time position is being paid by the White County Humane Society with grant money,” Jicha said. “The grant money runs out in March. We can pay that position up to March, through March. Then we need April, May, and June before a new budget comes out where there is going to be no money to pay that part-time position.”

Jicha said the other part-time worker at the shelter is being paid for by a private citizen. She said the county government should use the shelter volunteers and other private citizens to promote the tax referendum as a way to earn more funds for the shelter.

“Let us help you,” Jicha said. “Let us go out there. We can go on social media. We can have town hall meetings. We can – I’ll go door-to-door if I have to and try to convince people. But, before we can do that, we need some ammunition from you. Like we said, we need some facts and figures.”

The funds were approved by both Steering Committee B and the budget committee.

“We would hope that in next year’s budget, when the sales tax referendum passes, that you’ll have the money to fund two part-time positions and that private citizen would no longer have to pay for that position,” Jicha said. “But I mean that’s wishful thinking.”