Monday, May 20, 2024
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White Co Schools Setting Up Portable Classroom To Tear Down BonDeCroft “Short Building”

Pre-K students at BonDeCroft Elementary School will learn in a portable classroom next school year.

White County Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger said the building currently used by pre-k students is in disrepair.

“It’s one of the things that lead us to the whole idea of an addition upgrade a BonDeCroft, so our initial plan was to wait until we were ready to start the build to do something with that building and relocate those students, but it flooded just last week in the rains and we continue to have problems,” Dronebarger said.

Dronebarger said enrichment classes also held in the building will relocate, as well. Dronebarger said the building also known as the “short building” includes a couple classrooms and bathrooms.

“We’re just making the decision to go ahead and get those students out of there,” Dronebarger said. “Get them in a portable building that is more safe and secure and a better learning environment and we’ll get ready for the addition that’s coming in its place.”

Dronebarger said the school system’s maintenance crew will demolish the building in-house to save on costs. As for the school project, Dronebarger said the addition should go out to bid this summer.

“The survey is done, the last I was told is that it is in the hands of the civil engineer,” Dronebarger said. “They are plotting out their design for all the civil work that needs to be done.”

The proposed expansion is some 19,300 square foot two-story building that will be built between the two existing structures on the school property. The project is being paid through federal COVID money.