Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Vol State Goes Virtual Until Sept. 13th For Most Classes

Vol State has moved the majority of in-person classes to online until September 13th.

Public Relations Coordinator Eric Melcher said the decision comes from rising COVID numbers.

“We have a pandemic committee that meets once a week and is always watching COVID numbers,” Melcher said. “We track COVID cases very carefully here on campus, and then of course, we are always keeping an eye out for cases in the community.”

Melcher said the switch affects all campus locations. Melcher said in some cases, classes with hands on learning like health science programs will continue in-person.

“That is handled by a program by program basis,” Melcher said. “It started Thursday and will run through September 12th. Then, we’ll evaluate things from there.”

Melcher said campuses and offices will remain open over the time frame including the library and computer labs. Melcher said students can check their ELearn for changes on specific classes.