Monday, June 17, 2024
Happening Now

Veterans Office Relocates to Milo Lamert Building

The Cumberland County Veterans Service Office has temporarily moved to the Milo Lamert Building due to construction at the Cumberland County Courthouse.

Veteran Service Office Director James Dignan said he expects the office will not return to the old building for a little over a year. Dignan said that once completed the new facility will feature increased privacy and efficiency. Dignan said the transition to their new temporary location has been a smooth one.

“We had Internet back up within a day,” Dignan said. “We’ve had phones back up. And now we’ve actually had people walk in where they’ve been able to get online with our systems. And we’ve been able to get rid of some stuff that we’ve been holding onto for years.”

Dignan said a kiosk will be available at the location to assist veterans in signing up for online programs and making travel plans for medical visits. Dignan said the work at the courthouse was very necessary.

“There’s a lot of detailed work that has to happen inside that building,” Dignan said. “It’s an old building and it’s, it’s very well needed, a lot of need and love that’s going on in there, a lot of behind the scenes stuff that needs to go on in there. And then, you know, once they get it done and polished up it’s going to be back better, better than ever and stronger than ever and ready to go for another hundred years or more.”

Dignan said that the move has been a coordinated team efforts between all affected by and involved with the move.

“I’m just so grateful that people were able to come together and all the different departments, and that everybody playing a big role and you know, we’re over here in the Milo Building we were able to find some places that were able to work and dust, you know, knock some dust off of some great facilities,” Dignan said.

Dignan said that the move was taking so long due to the renovations going floor-by-floor rather than all at once.