Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Happening Now

Upperman Football Travels To Elizabethton For Semi-Final Game

The Upperman High School Football program will have a chance to play for a state title Friday.

The Upperman Bees will travel east to Elizabethton for a semi-final battle against the Fighting Cyclones. Principal Billy Stepp said students have been participating in pep rallies and spirit week to get excited for the game.

“Baxter is very proud of their football program,” Stepp said. “A lot of excitement with the student body. Our student section has been wild and a lot of fun. It’s been just an exciting time to see these boys excel and perform so well on the field.”

The some three-hour road trip will not stop the Bee nation from coming out to Friday’s game, Stepp said. The team traveled to Red Bank, Tennessee last Friday and saw great support from fans.

“We’ve had a long tradition in football of excelling and winning,” Stepp said. “Started most recently with Coach Herron and now, Coach Caine has taken over and had that same expectation of winning. So, it’s been really neat in Putnam County for Baxter to have so many programs excelling for championships.”

Stepp said this will be Coach Adam Caine’s second trip to the semi-finals. Stepp said state championships are the expectation for all programs at Upperman High School.

“Wear your warm clothes and be ready to cheer loud,” Stepp said. “We are excited for that game. It should be starting around 7 o’clock eastern time.”