Monday, June 17, 2024
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Under New Law, State Offers Reimbursement For Gun Safety Course

The state will reimburse residents for a firearm safety course thanks to a change in state law that went into effect January 1.

The enhance handgun permit, also known as open carry permit, entitles the permittee to carry any handgun which they legally own or possess. The state is offering to reimburse residents using money from the application and processing fee. Owner and Head Firearms Instructor at Patriot Training Clay Howell said the program is an overall perk for gun enthusiasts.

“Combining safety and reduced costs, I think that’s in the best benefit of all the people out there that are looking to get the carry permit,” Howell said. “Simply speaking, I mean guns are expensive enough. Carrying one is expensive, and you know right now, we are not seeing a reduction on prices on anything in the economy.”

The safety course is approximately four hours of classroom work and a written evaluation. There is also a 50-round shooting qualification that is scored and must be passed.

“It’s designed to give a person basic safety concepts and basic legal concepts about carrying a gun in the state of Tennessee and doing so legally and safely,” Howell said. “There is also a little bit of safety instruction as far as storage and gun handling as well.”

Howell said he has not seen a lot of people take advantage of the program yet.

“It just started this month, we haven’t seen that,” Howell said. “However, there has been some literature published by the state and preparation among my self and other instructors that communicate with one another.”

Howell said the enhanced handgun carry class is among the most popular of the courses he offers. The reimbursement vouchers are made available through the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security.